Monday, December 22, 2014

CONCEPT- What I would do with MSU's Baseball Jerseys

Mississippi State has the potential for a great baseball uniform set.  They look good as it is, but a few simple tweaks and they could have a classic, untouchable look.  Here, I've introduced a new, consistent number font.  That same font has been applied to the "Mississippi State" wordmark and has been used to create a new "Bulldogs" wordmark.  A Mississippi patch has been added to the sleeve of each jersey.

The white and maroon jerseys remain with the modified wordmark and number font.  The pinstripe and maroon MS jerseys also remain, with the only change being the updated number font.  The "Bulldogs" wordmark is applied to the cream jersey and to a new gray away jersey.

These changes, I believe, would unify Mississippi State's baseball brand.  Adidas would be allowed to introduce two crazy alternates a year, for use in the SEC tournament only.


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2015 Season Preview

The 2015 season is almost upon us.  The Bulldogs begin play on February 15, and Collegiate Baseball has given the them a preseason ranking of 20.  The Bulldogs will have an improved offense, something that cost them late in the season last year.  The pitching is less certain, but Butch Thompson, considered by many to be the best pitching coach in the nation, will find a way to make a productive staff.

The big question about the 2015 season is uniforms.  What will Adidas roll out this year?  Early photoshoots indicate that the regular uniforms will return; hopefully some of the Adidas catastrophes are gone for good.  I'd also rather have the black uniforms not return.  But, certainty expect some new Adidas expriments around SEC tournament time.  I'm fine with alternates in the tournament.  It's the regionals, super regionals, and college world series where they should not be worn.

This year, the uni tracker will have a modified form of presentation.  The full body templates have been replaced by a flat, 2D template that shows more detail on the uniforms.  Here is a preview of all of the uniforms worn in 2014 on the new template:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

May 30-June 2: Lafayette Regional- W,W,L,L

It's regional time in college baseball, and MSU is headed to Lafayette, Louisiana to compete in the Lafayette Regional.  The Bulldogs wore the Maroon MS jerseys with pinstripe pants in game 1 vs. San Diego State.  In the winner's bracket game vs. Jackson State, the Bulldogs wore the Maroon MS jersey withe gray pants.  The Bulldogs wore the Maroon MS jerseys with pinstripe pants again on Sunday, and wore the Maroon Throwback Jerseys with white pants in their last game of the season on Monday.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 20-25: 2014 SEC Tournament- W,W,L,L

The Bulldogs played Georgia in the first round of the 2014 SEC Tournament.  In that game, they debuted a new jersey.  It is a pullover with the MS logo on the front with "HAIL STATE" on the front.  By far, it is the worst thing Adidas has done thus far for Mississippi State, and that's saying alot.  On Wednesday, the Bulldogs wore the Maroon Throwback jerseys with gray pants.  Coincidentally, they won 12-0 on Wednesday.  On Thursday, they wore a dark gray version of Tuesday's jerseys.  These don't look near as bad, as you can barley see the big MS logo on the front during gameplay.  On Friday, they ended the tournament looking good in the cream jerseys.

Monday, May 19, 2014

May 15-17: vs. Alabama- W, W, L

In their final weekend series of the regular season, the Bulldogs wore the Maroon MS jerseys with gray pants on Thursday, the Maroon Throwback jerseys with white pants on Friday, and the Black Jerseys with gray pants on Saturday.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

March 9-11: vs. Tennessee- L,W,W

In their last home series of the year, the Bulldogs wore the Maroon MS Jerseys on Friday and the Maroon Throwback jersey with pinstripe pants on Saturday.  This was the first time the Bulldogs had worn the pinstripe pants since March 23; the Pinstripe jersey hasn't been worn since March 9 at Arizona.  On Sunday, the Bulldogs wore special Mother's Day uniforms with pink accents.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mother's Day Uniform

Adidas is at it again.

This time, it's Mother's Day uniforms in the 80's White Sox template with a pink stripe and Maroon outline.  It's hideous, but it's tolerable for one game only.

This bring the total number of uniforms worn this year to 9:

And here are the winning percentages of each uni-

Maroon MS- 13; 8-5 .615
Maroon Throwback- 10; 4-6 .400
Rainbow- 6; 5-1 .833
White Throwback- 6; 4-2 .667
Black- 5; 2-3 .400
White Vest- 3; 3-0 1.000
Pinstripes-3; 3-0 1.000
Cream- 3; 2-1 .666
Pink Stripe- 0; 0-0 .000