Friday, March 27, 2015

March 26-28: SEC Series 3: Auburn-

In their second SEC home series, the Bulldogs stayed consistent and wore the Maroon MS jersey with white pants on Friday.

March 24: vs Southern Miss- L

The Bulldogs busted out the highly-anticipated road gray throwbacks in their Tuesday loss to Southern Miss.  The 11th out of 17 combos, the grays are reminiscent of ones worn during the Jonathan Papelbon era.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

March 20-22: SEC Series 2: at Kentucky- L, L, W

The Bulldogs unveiled combo #11 for their road opener this weekend, wearing it on both Friday and Sunday.  This combo was the Maroon MS jerseys with gray pants.  The other uniform worn on the weekend was the Maroon 80's jersey with white pants, which was worn on Saturday.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 17: Eastern Illinois- W

Combo #10 was the most memorable one yet.  In what will undoubtedly be one of my favorite unis from this season, the white pullover with the green/maroon (depending on your viewing angle) 80's script was paired with a green hat with a white front panel.  Even the batting helmets for the game were green with a white front panel.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

March 14-15: SEC Series 1: Alabama- L, W, L

In their DH SEC opener, the Bulldogs started off by wearing the Pinstripe uniforms.  After giving up 8 runs in the 8th inning of a game that looked to be heading towards a win for the Bulldogs, they changed jerseys for the second game.  This resulted in the unveiling of combo #8 of 17: Maroon MS jersey with pinstripe pants.

On Sunday, the Bulldogs, to my dismay, bucked the trend of wearing the Cream Unis on Sunday.  Instead, they debuted Combo #9, the Black Pullover with white pants.  This isn't a bad combo by any means; the white pants look MUCH BETTER than the pajama black pants.  However, it simply doesn't compare to the Cream unis on home Sundays.

Side Note- Adidas had a GREAT**** idea for an alternate cap for Saturday, which the Bulldogs wore in BP and hopefully will never be seen again.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Uni stats heading into SEC Play

Through 19 games in the 2015 non-conference season, the Bulldogs have posted a 15-4 record and have worn 7 of their 17 uniform combinations.  So far, there have been no huge surprises, but a multitude of small ones, as expected.  My preseason predictions as to what the 17 uniform combinations have proved fairly accurate thus far.  The following 7 combinations have been revealed:

1. Black Pullover with Black Pants 1-0 Record
3. Maroon 80's with White Pants 1-2 Record
4a. Cream Unis with Maroon Hat 2-0 Record
4b. Cream Unis with Cream Hat 1.5-1 Record
10. Wool Throwbacks 2-0 Record
13. Maroon MS with White Pants 2-1 Record
15. White MS 2.5-0 Record
17. Pinstripes 2-0 Record

TRENDS: Despite the large number of combinations, the Bulldogs have established certain jerseys as having places in the "uniform rotation".  On Fridays, the Bulldogs wear the Maroon MS jersey.  On Saturday, they wear a random combinations (Unis worn on Saturday so far have been the Wool Throwbacks, White MS, and Pinstripes).  On Sunday, the Bulldogs wear the Cream uniforms, rotating each week between the maroon and cream hats.  During midweek games, the Bulldogs generally wear the Maroon 80's uniforms.  They also wore the Black jerseys with Black pants when they had two midweek games this past week.

WHAT'S NEXT: So, the question begs, what will be the next combo revealed?  Unless they unveil a new combo on Saturday (which isn't all that unlikely), we already know the answer.  Tuesday is St. Patrick's Day, and the Bulldogs have Eastern Illinois scheduled for that afternoon.  Some Photoshop magic shows that the 6th combo from the left in the picture above is a white pullover jersey with green accents paired with a green hat.  So that will be unveiled on Tuesday, as either combo #8 or #9.

The Bulldogs have yet to play a road game, and therefore have yet to have a chance to wear these road gray unis.  These will likely be worn for the first time next weekend (March 20-22), along with two other new combos involving gray pants, I would imagine.

Here is the full list of the 10 combos yet to be worn:

2. Camo Jersey with Gray Pants
5. Maroon MS with Gray Pants
6. St Patrick's Day
7. Maroon 80's with Gray Pants
8. Black Pullover with White Pants
9. Maroon MS with Pinstripe Pants
11. Maroon MS with 4th Pants
12. Camo Jersey with White Pants
14. Gray
16. Maroon 80's with Pinstripe Pants

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

March 10-11: Western Kentucky- W, L

Assuming the rain holds off (it did), the Bulldogs will debut combo #7 out of 17 tonight (Tuesday) vs Western Kentucky.  I knew this was coming, and I'm glad it came on a midweek game.  The Black Pullover with Black Pants and a black and white front paneled hat is the dreaded combination.  The pants are the only thing I hate; I think the jersey and hat will actually look good with white pants.  It certainly trumps the camo jersey that awaits....

On Wednesday, the Bulldogs will wear the Maroon 80's jersey with white pants for the third time in a midweek game.