Thursday, February 12, 2015

UPON FURTHER REVIEW- Don't Freak Out Over 17 Combinations

As you may have heard this week, Mississippi State and Adidas combined in an effort to, in celebrating of the Bulldogs' 125 baseball season, give the Bulldogs 17 different combinations for the 2015 season.  Many responded by saying that 17 was too much.  Look closely, however, and you will see that "combinations" is the key word here.  The Bulldogs wore 11 jerseys alone in 2015, and 15 combinations in total (feel free to fact-check this by viewing them on this blog's archive).  So, in fact, the Bulldogs will only wear 2 more combinations in the 2015 season. (Three counting the Cream Hat as a separate combination.)

The initial image release has some clues as to what the 17 combinations will be. See a brightened version below.

Upon close examination, here is my best guess (read- nothing official) at what each combination will be:

1. Black Pullover with Black Pants

WORN- First time on March 10th

Unfortunately I was right about the black pants. However, the white front panel on the cap was a pleasant surprise.

2. Camo Jersey with Gray Pants

This looks to be Adidas' abomination for 2015.  In the limited view we have, it appears clearly to be a maroon and white camouflage jersey.  Yuck.  Here's Texas A&M's, to give you a better idea of what to expect it to look like.

3. Maroon 80s Jersey with White Pants

4. Cream

WORN- First time on February 15th

WORN- First time on February 22th with the Cream Hat.  Technically the 18th combination; the 17 combinations graphic shows the Cream uni with a batting helmet, so it can be worn with both hats, only counting as 1 of the 17 combinations.

5. Maroon MS with 4th Pants

The Maroon MS jersey appears 4 times in the graphic above.  Either there are two jerseys that look eerily similar, or this jersey is also worn with a fourth different pair of pants.

6. St Patrick's Day Jersey

WORN- First time on March 17th 

7. Maroon 80s Jersey with Gray Pants

8. Black Pullover with White Pants.

WORN- First time on March 15th

9. Maroon MS with Pinstripe Pants.

WORN- First time on March 14th

10. Old School (Wool) Throwback

WORN- First time on February 14th

11. Maroon MS with Gray Pants

WORN- First time on March 22nd

12. Camo Jersey with White Pants

WORN- First time on April 4th

13. Maroon MS with White Pants.

WORN- First time on February 13th
14. Gray Throwback Jersey

WORN- First time on March 24th

15. White MS Jersey

WORN- First time on February 21st
16. Maroon 80s with Pinstripe Pants

17. Pinstripes

WORN- First time on February 28

This year's pinstripes feature a stripe running down the side of the pants, side of the jersey, and top of the shoulder, reminiscent of the Philadelphia Phillies in the 80's.

One notable exception is the White 80's jersey.  The closest thing is the St Patrick's Day jersey.  Maybe I was wrong on one of these and it will appear in its place.

The season begins TOMORROW AFTERNOON vs Cincinnati.

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